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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 12, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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. i am matt keller. >> i am christian. >> we do not know where eric is so we assume he won the powerball and is on the way to barbados or someplace like that. >> will with, leyla gulen is still here and did not win and meteorologist mike nicco, you are always winning. >> as far as you know. >> good morning everyone, we are winning if we like dry commutes. if you like warm winters here is another winter. our camera shows the wind blowing offshore. it is cool this morning to mild at 40 to 54 and we are in the mid-to-upper 50s by noon and on way to upper 60's by lower 70's. enjoy the evening 58 to 60 is normally where the highs are >> we are not worried about the fog or rain.
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>> i am winning, because i am here with you. >> hello? hello? >> all right. if you on the bay bridge toll plaza nothing to worry clear conditions and accident activity from the east bay. from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge into treasure island the remark is nice. the treasure is up ahead and san francisco, of course and san jose police are investigating their first officer-involved shooting of the year. officers shot and killed a man with a knife who barged interest someone else's home. we are at the scene on sherman street. >> officers were spending to a 9-1-1 call at a him on sherman street last night when she shot killed a suspect that happened at 5:00. the call was that someone with a knife was trying to break into a stranger's home.
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police say when they ariffed the man charged at officers while holding the myself and they ordered him to drop the weapon but he did not and the officers opened fire hitting him at least once. the man was taken to the hospital where he died. investigators have not identified him at this point. the officers who shot the man will be placed on paid leave which is a standard procedure. as you mentioned yesterday's shooting was the first police shooting in san jose of the year. measles could be on the mines of many bart riders after a widespread warning want out they may have been exposed to the virus by another passenger. amy hollyfield is at lafayette station with the latest on this disturbing story. the patient took bart from this lafayette station into the city to the montgomery station during the we commute and bart officials say this is the
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business of -- busiest line with 25,000 riding the line each day and the virus stays in the air for two hours so it is of particular concern. this is the first confirmed case of measles in contra costa county. the graham family is taking bart from lafayette to the airport and when the parents her the news they immediately checked to see if the kids were vulnerable. >> we checked our records to make sure. that was the initial thought. >> it is here. i don't really think -- i am not concerned about an outbreak but it is aggravating and upsetting and it should not be happening in this day and age. >> here is the timeline of when people could have been exposed, the patient was on bart between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. wednesday and
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thursday and friday and then in the evening between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. and the infected patients worked at linkedin if you vaccinated officials are not worried. they are concerned about infants, pregnant women vulnerable people who have other health issues who cannot get immunizeed. the city of san jose has officially launched a city-wide database of surveillace cameras signs off on the voluntary registry in the fall. the goal is to have residents and business owners voluntarily register their surveillace cameras. police say the network could be useful tool in fighting claim and will save valuable time for police officers during investigation. officers will not have access to security cameras or video unless the owners give them permission. >> san francisco medical examiner has identified the person whose headless for so was
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found in a suitcase, 58-year-old omar shahwan last seen a week before the police found his dismembered body. it was stuffed in a suitcase at 11th a block from market street. other body parts were found in dumpsters. they now know who the victim is the cause of death is still listed as "pending." >> police need your help to find a "person of interest" in a hit-and-run accident that left a teen dead. they are looking for this man, 23-year-old who is the owner of a cadillac that hit a garbage truck on wednesday and took off. the body of a 14-year-old san jose girl was found mention to the burned out girl half a mile from the ages. >> police are looking for a man would droned afternoon man in a macy's bathroom. this is the suspect. he was urinating in the bathroom at macy's in palo alto and the man grabbed him rear. the suspect ran off. police are investigating the possibility it could be related
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to an attack on monday at the community center in palo alto. safety advocates are protesting outside a tribute dinner in san francisco today for the former public utilities commission president. the event is to honor him sponsored by current and former energy executives and lobbyists and officials with the governor's administration. donations of $250 go to benefit the school of public policy at uc berkeley. willie brown is emceeing the dinner in the financial district. pg&e and peavy have been under scrutiny after the san bruno pipeline explosion. >> strange weather for february and warm. pike? >> if you want to stay cool and we hit the mid-other upper 70's, you may be cranking the air. temperatures inland valleys are in the low-to-mid 40s and
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upper 40's out highway 4 and 55 right new trampos. calistoga 45. today, check out the warmth around the bay: 67 to 74. inland, 68 to 72 and the cost is around 65 at bodega bay to 73 at half moon bay. from our walnut creek camera looking right down 680 into the san ramon valley where we are fog free this morning and warmer-than-average as we showed you. here is a three day trust each day has low-to-mid 70s with a little bit of a cooling on sunday because of more clouds and i will show you how long this will last. >> in the north bay on 101 southbound side as you pull up
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to 580 the tail light is pushing southbound direction and further to the north of here in novato we have a construction project that will be around until 6:00 starting in san marin drive to buck center drive. as you continue in the southbound direction through mill valley up to waldo tunnel and to the bay bridge, clear conditions and extra cars making it into san francisco at this hour and if you are traveling in the northbound direction we had a zipper truck heading in that northbound direction so be aware of that if you are heading out the door. in san jose, this is blocking the northbound 880 road and it looks like all lanes or most lanes will last until 7:00 this morning and detours are in place and a wide view of the south bay shows we have nothing but top speed and action free -- accident free conditions. >> you can cruise in same high
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powered vehicles that are driven by police. >> the most well-known names in journalism has died, a look back at the remarkable career of bob simon. >> stay on top of weather and traffic by watching your screen throughout the commercial brea ♪ ♪
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covering santa rosa berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. few thursday morning. it is 5:11.
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a look at the golden gate bridge if you cross the span it is looking good with a town of fog and a lost warmth. we will folk to leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> the news world is mourning the death of bob simon, cbs news correspondent died in a car accident in new york city last night. the crash happened in manhattan. the town car he was riding in hit another car and spun out of control. he cover add war if vietnam to a piece on 60 minutes this week on "selma." the award winning newsman was 73 years old. >> an odd comment from tesla c.e.o. has many wondering if the model 3 electric car will be worth the wait. they announced a 4th quarter loss he told wall street analysts it will not be as great weapon it is released in 2017 as it will be a few years after that. he said the car will be amazing
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and tesla will keep the design simple after production problems on features that delayed the release of the model x crossover s.u.v. >> lt. governor newsome is running for the top job and launching a campaign for governor ahead of the 2018 election in the interest of transparency. the democrat and former san francisco mayor admits justifying into the race three years early is unusual but he has never been a fan of pretense. he believes reforming the tax code and climate change are two of the most important issues nationing the state. current governor brown's last term is up in 2018. >> the i.r.s. is ramping up warning to taxpayer after the an temperature data break. hackers have will months more social security numbers along with names and that gives thieves all they need to file a fraudulent tax return and steal your tax refund. the i.r.s. wants $63 billion worth of fraudulent refunds in three years but it payment $5 billion to cracks. the i.r.s. says the best way to
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recollect yourself is filing right away and the i.r.s. says you should avoid giving out your social security number even at the doctor's office. never carry your social security card with you and put a credit freeze on your credit record in you fear your identity is compromised. >> stanford students can expect to pay more. the board of trustees approved a 3.5 percent tuition increase. it takes effect in fall and brings the total for students living on campus to $630,000 a european but they i provide few tuition if families earn under $100,000 each year. >> i hear a collective, occupies united will not honor discounted tickets thatch sold. >> good morning topping america's money the air fare nasa what too good to be true. united site was selling transatlantic flies nor $51 but
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it did not properly. >> you could see this in the rear view, ford has a new investigation of popular police s.u.v. which is similar to the ford explorer but 90 percent of the interior is specific to the police model. the new features were suggested by the police themselves. >> paul mccartney's latest song is selling well with a single with rihanna and kanye west. >> 29 years for the gap in the top ten. >> california's 2014 grape crush was down 11.5 percent from the record of 2013, but still the third largest ever with a preliminary report showing four million tons of grapes harvest
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harvested. the wine broker call the report welcome news if the wine industry which is dealing with large values of older vintage. chardonnay was the largest percent and then a white cabernet. >> the at&t pro-am belongs at pen member at -- at pebble bea at 8:00. clint eastwood led the team to victory over bill murray and this morning bill murray will lay with his pro and they are behind the marquis groups buster posey. >> you know who i am rooting for. >> anyone with a giants hat on is who kristen sze is rooting for. could there be any better weather for pebble beach and the pro am. >> they have a reputation of bad weather but it ers on the side
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of being nicer than normal. >> the weather is sunny and warmer-than-average. today if you head down 55 degrees so you may need coffee to start the day and get warmed up. you will be directing the water or ice tea in the afternoon with low-to-mid 70's and at 5:00 about 69 degrees. a a lot of pictures coming from there. we have fog in the north bay valley but five miles at petaluma and in livermore six miles with tule looking clean and ready to go at shark tank. high clouds. record warmth the beach hazards are developing. swells are around 15 to 15 to 20
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feet. next week we would like to transition that means cooler weather but fought -- not this time we will have extended dry weeks ago. 72 at oakland. 72 in santa rosa. 70 if san francisco. 73 in half moon bay. 76 in santa cruz. fremont and livermore at 72 and palo alto 71 and san jose 74 and morgan hill 75. tonight, lows are mild and my heater was running last night mid-to-upper 40s to low 50s in most coastal communities and san francisco is mildest at 53. same players on the map two areas of high pressure and a cold present to the west with a stream of high clouds and upper moisture that will diffuse our sunshine from time to time but the three areas of low pressure are churning up the sea and
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shooting the waves our way so at 6:00 this morning through 6:00 p.m. saturday we will have the rough surf at the coast. if you are headed through temperatures are in the low-to-mid 70's through sunday and the rest of us are in the mid-70's and cooler on monday and next week. >> back to walnut creek southbound 680 a few extra cars pushing in the southbound direction and the travels south of highway 24 are accident free and at 74 miles per hour into san ramon and to dublin interchange it is clear. in the westbound direction you are finding delays and 580 and 880 through oakland is clear and if you continue the drive through castro valley to hayward moving along without any problems. this is what gums up during the commute the most. over the water the san mateo and dumbarton bridges are checking in at top speed and here is a look at san francisco
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airports if you travel between sfo to the city it will be busy this evening. president obama will arrive at 5:30 so expect traffic delays on 101. right now clear as you head through brisbane, 288, hospital curve and the lower deck of the bay bridge. a major flaw if how trillions are collected on the golden gate bridge, with the toll takers gone and drivers say they forced to pay penalties they do not deserve. >> we went to register and they said we had a hold. >> "7 on your side" investigation reveal whose is in charge of the system and why the company gets hundred for each violation they mail. >> straight ahead, seven things ahead to start your day. stay tuned.
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>> good morning at 5:23. a look at the camera from san francisco, it is fog-free warm day coming up. we will talk about that with mike. >> here are seven things to know before you go: one, san jose police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that left a man dead. officers responded to reports of a man with a knife inside a home on sherman street and they say he charged at them. the officers are on paid leave. >> water riders are warned to want out more measles symptoms
5:24 am
after possibly being supposed by an infected passenger riding bart between lafayette and montgomery station in the morning and evening. sink temperature ons can take two week to appear. bart board will vote whether to ask the prosecution to drop charges against protesters who shut down the weekend oakland station in november. supporters of the protesters called "the bart 14," will protest at the meeting in oakland. >> san jose residents can voluntarily register their surveillace cameras for a city-wide database and hope the network of cameras help to solve crimes quickly. officers can only access cameras or video with the owner's permission. >> a powerball tickets purchased in san leandro will make someone a millionaire matching five numbers in the $564 million powerball, not the president pot but worth $1.4 million.
5:25 am
the three winers were in texas, north carolina and puerto rico. >> our string of record high temperatures could extend into sunday in oakland. i will show you other neighborhoods and if the cooling trend brings us rain next week in the seven-day forecast. a convey it early commute at 101 headed northbound direction with headlights up to san jose international airport. you will not be late for a cash but president obama is flying into town today and he will be with us the next couple of delays so expect delays on 101 280 into san francisco. "50 shades of grey," hits movies tomorrow and not recommended for children but in france, it is a different story. the country film board gave the movie the second lowest possible age rating meaning listen kids as young as 12 can see it
5:26 am
without an adult! the film is called the most erotic mainstream movie in a decade. the president of france gdped the low rating calls it a hand -- romance and not a film that can shot a lot of people. >> emotional night from the bay area to north carolina as loved ones and strangeers remember three loved ones killed by a neighbor and the debate it is sparked.
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in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good thursday morning at 5: 28. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller.
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it is thursday, february 12. two days away from valentine's day for you guys out there, get moving. if you have not ordered the flowers do it now. meteorologist mike nicco how are you doing? >> a lot flowers blooming, trees, azaleas because of the warmer-than-average weather. fog forming in the central valley that could climb over the altamont pass. we have clear conditions along sutro tower. all the sunshine and high cloud means mid-to-upper 60's by noon. upper 60's to 70 by 4:00 and gorgeous this evening nearly 60 by 7:00. the areas most likely to have high temperatures today are coming up. >> leyla gulen have? the bay bridge toll plaza is feeling the love because folks are approaching it with more traffic coming in from the east bay to san francisco with fast
5:30 am
trackers moving along pine and metering lights are not turned on. not in love with the richmond-san rafael bridge because it is empty but a good time to come in across the water to the north by so accident free and at top speeds >> two san jose police officers are on paid leave after a shooting last a man dead he had a knife and barged interest someone else's >> this happened while police responded to a 9-1-1 call at house in san jose. we were over the neighbor shortly after it happened at 5:00 yesterday. officers raced to a home someone with a knife was trying to break in. police con fronted the suspect outside the home on the sidewalk^. the man charged at them. with his wife. he refuses to drop it.
5:31 am
police opened fire. he was hit once. the subject has only been described as adult male. he was taken to a hospital. he died. neighbors described hearing the gunfire. >> i stopped by the liquor store to play powerball and i heard a noise. firecrackers or something i thought because stuff always happens around here. >> police spent hours at the scene investigating and doing interviews and the man's name has not been released. the officers who shot man have been placed on leave. several vigils are held around the bay area tonight for three north carolina college students, all muslim killed by their neighbor. 100 stanford students gather the last night for a vigil organized by the islamic society of the university. the victim's family say it was a hate crime. the suspect craig hicks may have been motivated over
5:32 am
packing. his wife said he snapped and the shooting had nothing to do with religion. a student does not believe it. >> someone who does not have hate in their heart does not come to complain of noise with a gun or settle a park dispute by killing three people in the head or shoot them in the head. >> the sister of a victim is a doctor at san francisco general hospital and says the family wants to see it investigated as a hate crime. >> today, the bart period will vote on whether to ask the prosecutor to drop champions against protesters who shut the station in november. they will protest this morning in oakland after being arrested for forcing officials to close the west oakland station for hours. >> new details in the case of a police officer whose gun and badge were stolen during a encounter with a prostitute in
5:33 am
may. according to our partners three other police officers were also with the sergeant. the citizen board that oversees the department is now admitting members have known of the incident since it happened so the police chef whose job performance is under review at the board meeting. last month hard machine decided to suspend the officer but has not enforced the suspension. the lawyer said the client fell asleep in the room and may have been drugged. >> bart riders will look for signs they could be coming down with measles. officials put out word a person with active measles rod board between lafayette and san francisco stations last week on wednesday, thursday and friday so anyone exposed could have contracted measles and not show signs. the man works at linkedin
5:34 am
and is recovering at home remaining isolated for 21 days. it takes-18 days to appear with symptoms first with fever run any nose cough red eye and sore throat and you could feel tired and you will have spots in your mouth followed by a rash all over. we have an entire page devoted to the measles and how it is contracted. >> operations at 29 ports up and down the west coast including the port of oakland are suspended for four of the next give days amid a labor dispute with the union representing doctor workers. employers will not hire crews to unload today, saturday or sunday or monday when they have to pay holiday wages. they are come -- the situation. >> congestion is worse and
5:35 am
shutting down the port is not going to solve the problem the it will make it worse and the backups will be bigger. we want the problem solve and the employers to come to the negotiating table and reach a fair agreement. >> yawn says the sticking points are work rules procedures and safety purr -- >> president obama will arrive at sfo this evening so you could run into snags in the commute. tomorrow the president is at stanford for a summit on cyber security formally announcing a new agency to combat internet security breaches and attend a d fundraiser in the russian hill neighborhood and will leave on saturday for palm springs. leyla gulen will have more on the delays in a moment. a powerball ticket purchased in the east bay will bring a nice reward matching five
5:36 am
numbers last night in the $564 million powerball draw not the jack president but worth $1.4 million purchased at a store in san leandro. three tickets across the nation matched all six numbers sold in texas, north carolina and puerto rico. they will split the jackpot. the winner numbers 11, 13, 25 39 54 and powerball is 19. it was the third large of the in powerball history. >> i feel better that millions of others did not pick. >> a big boat. >> enjoy calm conditions and mild temperatures afternoon, look at spread across the north bay, 41 in petaluma to june in mill valley and 54 in bodega bay and most of us in the mid-to-upper 40s like american canyon and san rafael at 49.
5:37 am
we have 45 if lafayette and san ramon and waking up to 49 and 43 in san jose and cupertino and newark at 49 and san carlos and low-to-mid 50s around redwood city and san francisco and half moon bay. look at the bay it is like glass. be smooth and not too much wind. headed into the afternoon have the sunglasses and high clouds and sunshine, 68 to 72 inland and rough surf at the coast and record highs around the bay at 67 to 74. the camera is not bouncing with high pressure, stagnant air. we will have record highs. right now without "spare the air" days friday saturday and sunday. leyla gulen? >> bathing suited weather in the winter. the san mateo bridge, act free
5:38 am
and clear. dumbarton is not too bad 73 miles per hour from newark to east palo alto. to the east, over the altamont pass bumper-to-bumper traffic from tracy over the pass to livermore you have a pocket where it opens and then back on the brakes closer to dublin. 37 minutes tracy to dublin westbound 580 highway 4 westbound antioch to concord 19 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco 17 minutes. >> up flames the late night fire damaging the malibu him belonging to an a list actor. >> paying it forward one fine wine at time, a donor who has a mission to add a little cab may -- cabernet to your day.
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yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back. james bond star pierce brosnan is dealing with damage to his home this morning after a fire broke out at his malibu home last night.
5:42 am
according to the los angeles fire department it started in the garage before 10:00. it took 50 firefighters 35 minutes to income down the fire. the 61-year-old actor was not hurt. in word what started it or whether he was him alone. overseas, after 15 hours of talks, russian president vladimir putin said a cease-fire will take effect in ukraine this welcome announcing that both the rebels and government troops have agreed to stop fighting by sunday. if the cease-fire holds it could end the ten month long conflict in eastern ukraine between rebels and troops. more than 5,000 people have been killed in the fighting including many civilians. >> a mystery woman is creating a buzz in the east bay. remember hidden cash? this is like that but with wine. the secret sommelier has been making the rounds in the tri valley buying random people a bottle of wine. anone -- anonymously.
5:43 am
the owner of cellar wine bar says "secret som," asked if there is a deserving customer would love as good red and the woman chosen was thrilled. >> came up and said that the "secret som," has a bottle of wine and i was shocked and surprised. >> check out the bars of happy folks and their lucky bottles, the retired tech executive has spent hows on strangers and the "secret som," will take a break after valentine's day until she feels the urge to keep on giving. >> maybe around mother's day where moms would appreciate that. >> warriors are headed to the break with the best record in the nba at 42-9. last knit they survived a close game against the timberwolves and thompson hit a three to give them the lead with eight seconds the warriors avoid the disaster
5:44 am
after almost turning over an inbound pass boom and steph curry gets it and is fouled and they hold on 94- clay thompson was named as a starter with curry. our sports director is in new york city for the the nab all stars gale. >> how can the three point contest with steph curry be romantic and be interwined with my valentine's day plan. >> don't try. >> it was a long shot that i landed my wife so maybe i can intertwine it with that at the three-point line. >> tell my wife so i can get credit. >> we are recording it and we will pest it on social media. shortly. >> as far as what is going on it will be hard to stay inside.
5:45 am
if you are going out to a fancy dipper maybe stay outside and enjoy the clean air but of course the pollen is high. live doppler 7 hd is dry. it is showing why you do not need an umbrella the next couple of days. the wins are nonexistent but for novato and napa north to south. this is a twisting in the atmosphere. you can see how calm it is if san francisco at the embarcadero to the ferry building and the western span of the bay bridge where the lights are. what are they doing this morning? they are moving. they do some time of pattern like clouds or fish and it is cool. high clouds and record warmth today and through the weekend. beach hazard. today is the day it develops. it coincides with the record warmth. cooling next week. but the transition is not one
5:46 am
that will produce rain. 72 in oakland. our best chance for record high today. joining you at 72 is fremont and livermore and santa rosa and lake port and cloverdale at 73 and san jose 74 and morgan hill 75 and santa cruz 76 and 73 at half moon bay and significant in san francisco. headed to pebble beach i will take the figures, please, put them online. it will be postcard perfect weather the cool to start at 8:00 it will be 55 but in three hours you are 16 degrees warmer at 71 and in afternoon in the mid-70's? headed back to the car at home at 5:00, 69 degrees so you can drive with the window down. mid-to-upper 40s inland tonight. san francisco is at 53 degrees. a couple of areas of high pressure are dominating the weather and a stream high level moisture is why we have high
5:47 am
clouds and sunshine and these three areas of low pressure are churning up the 10-20' waves at our beaches from 6:00 this morning until 6:00 saturday evening and we have one more warm day on sunday, low-to-mid 70's and cools monday through wednesday. >> dying outside for valentine's day, very romantic. >> bay bridge toll plaza has nine minutes from the maze to the tolls and it is clear headed interest treasure island and san francisco but a wait on your hands. as we take you back to san jose we have construction project that is around until 6:00 and another until 7:00 so the one until 6:00, southbound on 280 to 880 we have detours and place where heavy slowing and a couple of minutes ago. traveling northbound along 880 most lanes are blocked if not
5:48 am
all at seven -- steven tack on a couple of extra minutes. northbound 101 slowing at 21 miles per hour from 280/680 split to nimitz and the rest the south bay moving at top speed at 65 miles per hour near the san jose international airport. >> a poll reveals the most romantic love letter of all time. listen to, mr. basketball for valentine's day heartfelt birthday letter from johnny cash to his wife june cart "happy birthday princess we got old and got used to each other we think a like we know what the other wants without asking," and "maybe sometimes we take each other for granted but once in a while i meditate on it and realize how lucky i am to share my life with the greatest woman i ever met."
5:49 am
>> amazing. we makes you want to shed a tear. really beautiful. >> coming up, warning of the valentine's day chocolate: dangerous substances uncovered in some popular brands. >> take the t to go a thief who skipped the burger and fridays and went straight if the shake. >> a record number of citizens are saying goodbye to united states citizenship. stay tuned. ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere
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a sea lie ron is recovering after it crossed highway 35 near san francisco yesterday and two drivers stopped the cars to protect it from traffic until the workers arrived from the mammal center and it was named for perseverance in crossing the peep, four lanes of the highway. the sea lion is 50 pounds unweight and the center has treated 150 baby 10 lions mostly abandoned by their mothers. when sea lion is healthy it will be released into the sea. miss have released surveillance video of a daring burglary. >> look. a man smashed a window to when -- wendy's restaurant and stole a flat scene tv. this happened early monday or. police are still looking for the burglar. >> f phil saw -- punxsutawney phil saw his shadow and the
5:53 am
police department wants him to see handcuffs. the police department has put out a warrant for the famous pennsylvania groundhog. the department wrote on facebook that phil announced six more weeks of winter but did not mention the huge amounts of snow and warrants warned not to apurchase him he is "armed and dangerous." >> i doubt any residents see the groundhog because the new hampshire city is 500 miles away from the town in pennsylvania. >> if punxsutawney phil is arrested and sits in jail how will be find our wet -- weather forecast? where would you get your forecast? >> i posted this on facebook and i was up all night worried about that. >> now, record high temperatures
5:54 am
are possible in hayward which is not an official reporting station yet because it is not online long enough but 69 beats the record and 72 in oakland bets the record and everyone else is behind. we will have a couple more chances the next couple of days. through the san joaquin valley visibility is less than quarter-mile until 10:00 and then low-to-mid 70's in the central valley and low-to-mid 80's in southern california and 62 the second day a record high, second consecutive day and we could have more through the weekend in lake tahoe. >> and would punxsutawn face jail time for biting the mayor? >> in the north bay we have construction until 3:00 this morning northbound highway 101 where crews working on the bridge, southbound traffic now is starting to build ambassador from the bridge and the highway and the northbound direction until 6:00, northbound 10120 san
5:55 am
marin to buck center drive you find and you crews there and to the south the drive through san rafael is building with extra tail lights pushed to 580. >> a story you do not want to know before valentine's day but it is important, a bay area consumer watchdog group claims popular chocolate rods have higher-than-normal amendments of lead including trader joe's and one sold by see's candy. the company wants warning labels to be placed on the wrappers. >> we bought hundreds of chocolates and we sent them to an independent laboratory and had them tested for lead and we compared the legals to the legal limits. >> if a statement the national candy association says the f.d.a. have determined small
5:56 am
amounts of naturally occurring heavy metals rent in public health risk. >> if you look fur work you could consider the restaurant industry. specifically, in the city. a new report fines san francisco bartenders and servers are paid the most in the country. the salaries of waiters and waitresses and bartenders to find out which food cities are the best. san francisco is the place to be including tips bar continuesers make $26.50 an hour more than $10 an hour more than new york bar men and san francisco is not far behind at $21.50. outpacing los angeles pee making $16.20 an hour including tips. >> this is how you can lose your job before you start. a texas teen tweeted how much she was dreading the new job and the boss fund out said no, you
5:57 am
do not start the job today i fired you. good hung with your no money no job life. >> a lesson for every kid what not to do on twitter. >> twitter is not private right? exactly. >> at 6:00 facebook beyond the gray a new feature to let you keep your friends updated after your passing. >> for get electrical hybrids, we team up with "consumer reports" to test another green option. stay tuned.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> measles on bart. we are at the station where an infected passenger may have exposed other passengers to the
6:00 am
illness. how the passengers are reacting. >> developing in the south bay officers open fire and kill a man. the call leading to the deadly use of force. the man would resigned amid an influence scandal involving pg&e now is getting honored. we have the details for michael peavy. thanks for joining us at 6:00. it is nice this morning. we have nice temperatures. >> feels like may. rather than february. unfortunately, with the record high temperatures it means there is a lack of rain and sierra snow with enough moisture that santa rosa at 2.5 miles at the recording station and it was down to a mile and a quarter. as we head through san rafael you can see 101 looking south to the golden gate bridge it is quiet and the plan


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